Severe Weather Safe Refuge

Safe RefugeGeneral guidance typically is to retreat to an interior room on the lowest level of a building, away from glass and doors. 

Emory has identified areas of safe refuge for severe weather protection on Emory's main campus as well as Oxford and Grady campuses.  Before an event of severe weather, locate the closest Severe Weather Safe Refuge designated area by following the building evacuation map or Emory's Interactive map.

Emory's Interactive Map

Each of Emory's buildings has at least one Safe Refuge designated area.  You may search for your building's area begin by

  1. Select your department or building in the left navigation.
  2. The map will mark your building and list building information.  Click "Severe Weather Locations"
    Interactive map
  3. A popup bubble will appear with the list of Severe Weather Refuge areas in the building.
    List of Severe Weather Refuge Locations