Shelter in Place

"Shelter in place" is a generic term meaning stay in a safe place. If you are outside, go into the closest building to avoid possible danger.

Although the basic concept of sheltering in place remains the same, there are small differences in the specific actions to be taken for different types of emergencies. Every emergency is different, so it is best to use your judgment and intuition based on the information that is provided and your current circumstances and location.

Severe Weather Severe Weather Safe Refuge

Emory has identified areas of safe refuge for tornado protection on Emory's main campus as well as Oxford and Grady campuses.  
In the event of severe weather locate the closest Severe Weather Safe Refuge designated area by following the building evacuation map or Emory's interactive map.  General guidance typically is to move to the lowest level of a building, unless flooding is evident, in an interior room or hallway, away from windows.

Outdoor Hazardous Material/Chemical Agents

In the event of a chemical accident that may be occurring outdoors, remain inside and move to the highest level of the building. Close all doors and windows. Avoid using the elevator.

Campus Violence or Ongoing Police Action

It is recommended that you move to a safe area that can be secured or evacuate from the building/area immediately. Personal judgment will be needed to determine which option is most prudent for each situation.

  • Lock and barricade doors.
  • Turn off lights.
  • Close blinds or shades.
  • Silence cell phones.
  • Keep occupants calm, quiet, and out of sight.
  • Keep yourself out of sight, and take adequate cover (i.e., concrete walls, thick desks, filing cabinets).
  • For further guidance on preparing for an active situation, please view "Run, Hide, Fight."

Stay Tuned for More Information

While sheltering in place you can stay informed by checking text message updates, Emory email, tuning to your local television or radio, or by visiting the Emory website.

How will I know the situation has been resolved?

Emory will use components of the Emergency Notification System to inform the community when the situation has been resolved.

Download the Shelter in Place card (PDF 29.3KB)