Rail Incidents

Watch the November 5, 2013 Disaster Drill video on a Hazmat Rail incident

A major rail line runs east to west through the Emory Druid Hills Campus and alongside the Clairmont Campus. Keep in mind that many different types of items and substances are transported by rail. Some substances may be flammable or
hazardous to humans when released into the environment.

In the event of a rail disaster (such as a train car derailment) remain at least five hundred feet from the area of the incident.

  • The area near the derailment may be hazardous due to chemical contamination, fire, or other factors. Call the Emory Police Department at 404.727.6111 (or 7.6111 from a campus phone).
  • Be alert for any indication of chemical release related to the event (visible vapor clouds, hissing sounds, pooling liquids, etc.).

Due to the complex nature of materials traveling on trains, additional information will be made available, and specific directions will be shared through the Emory Emergency Notification System. Such directions may include Shelter in Place or Evacuation.

Download the Rail Emergency card (PDF 26.9KB)